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Call: 01229 837761

71-73 Scott Street, Barrow-in-Furness

3 year Anniversary

The Bee
Away in the meadow amid the red clover the funniest music goes over and over:
The honey-bee singing his song to the clover
The words they are set to a rhythmical tune
A rumble and a bumble
Zoon goes the honey-bee over and over
Humming his tune to the blossoming clover……


A warm hello to all our lovely customers,
It is a very special here at Bumble Bee its soon to be our third year here at the hive. We would not be here without all your support so a huge thank you from us all, all your visits to the hive are very very much appreciated.

We would like to show just how much by spoiling you all for the afternoon on the 20th of August. We are going to have our very own tea party, please join us from 2 pm onwards for tea, sandwiches and delicious cakes and maybe a little fizz.
We look forward to seeing you as always
Lots of love
Jackie and the team xxxx



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