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Shabby Chic Home

Shabby Chic Home

Are you looking to get that Shabby Chic Home?

We have compiled a list of must have shabby chic items for 2017. Our predictions are of the main items all shabby chic homes should have next year.

10. Mirrors

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Shabby chic mirrors can really show off a space on your wall and reflect the rest of the room. Our predictions for 2017 would be these large round mirrors within a rectangle or square frame. Its a modern twist on the oval mirror that became so popular in the 1920’s. These mirrors are most likely suited in a hall way or on a stairs and can make the small room look larger. The distressed look is still high in fashion for interior decor, even though it is becoming more widely bought by chain home stores, you can still spot the quality items from the less well made items. Our shop in Barrow-in-Furness supplies lots of mirrors if you have time to stop by.


4. Coat Hooks

Coat hooks are becoming larger and more prominent in home decor this year. Our prediction is for them to become a more of a statement piece. Again this item is for a hallway and you would need a good space for this too look its best. Coat hooks have all ways been a staple for a home and if you are a shabby chic lover, its a great way to turn a useful item into a beautiful shabby chic piece.


3. Needle Felt Animals

Felt animals have been showing up over the last few years online and especially on websites like Pinterest. They have been becoming more popular recently with new characters popping up. Needle felt animals can be a good way of introducing a bit of humor to a desk or something to make people smile. We have some felt items in our shop, have a look at the lovely mice we have. They are too cute for words.


2. Garden wall racks

We know if you have a shabby chic home, you will also have a shabby chic garden. Our wall racks and hooks have been becoming quite a popular item. You can use your rack to hold shabby chic accessories, plants and hook tools for the garden on. The racks are mainly used to hang on the side of a house to hold more flowers or items. We have a lovely range of garden accessories and garden racks.


1. Clocks

Clocks have been making a come back this year, with people buying a different clocks for different rooms. The more traditional clocks have been most popular and we think clocks are going to be a talking point for most homes in 2017.

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