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Remember, Bee Kind
Don't worry, Bee happy!
Let it Bee
Let it Bee
Bee Kind to Yourself
Bee Kind to Yourself
Happy to Bee
Happy to Bee

71-73 Scott Street, Barrow-in-Furness

Jack Frost has been about

It feels an age since we’ve had time to post …Busy ‘little bees’ we have jolly well been!
We would like to start with this beautiful little poem, which is so fitting, as its cold, frosty and jolly chilly today ..
Jack Frost
” Look out look out!
Jack Frost is about!
He’s after our fingers and toes;
And all through the night.
The gay little sprite
Is working when nobody knows.
He’ll climb each tree,
So nimble is he,
His silvery powder he’ll shake:
To windows he’ll creep
And while we’re asleep,
Such wonderful pictures he’ll make.
Across the grass
He’ll nimbly pass,
And change all its greenness to white:
Then home he will go,
And laugh ho “Ho ho ho!
What fun I have had through the night !”
Cicely E.Pike .

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